"One doesn't stop seeing. One doesn't stop framing. It doesn't turn off and turn on. It's on all the time." - Annie Leibovitz

 I feel very lucky to say I love my job! I've been in the world of photography for over 13 years now...and have loved every second of it. I grew up with my mum as a professional photographer, and she encouraged me from an early age to follow my creative dreams. I followed in her footsteps and studied Photography and Digital Imaging in 2005/2006, and came away with a distinction and The Birmingham Mayors Award. In my final year, I was amazed to be offered work experience with two top fashion photographers in New York, and awarded a Birmingham Rising Star award for business.

 After winning a few more photography competitions, selling images to various commercial firms and exhibiting my work in private art galleries, I became a full time photographer for a global company for a number of years. Now I feel so lucky to run my own photography business, and I'm passionate about capturing people's stories and beauty. And as Annie says, I never turn off. I love capturing the small moments. I love capturing the big moments. And this is something I will never tire of...



My crazy springer spaniel dog, Mini | Red wine | Marrakech | Antique shops | Polaroids | The Rolling Stones | Family 



"We love you! You were incredible! It really felt like we had a best friend with us all day... We've printed so many photos, but its been so hard to choose as we love them all! We couldn't have picked a better photographer..."

—Sarah & Sam